6 Ways to Avoid Getting Stumped by Sharks

News: 6 Ways to Avoid Getting Stumped by Sharks

Fans of ABC’s Shark Tank will attest that certain questions typically asked by the investors sometimes stump the entrepreneurs seeking capital. Whether or not you plan to appear on the show, entrepreneurs should be aware of some of the information potential investors are looking for and be prepared to quickly and confidently reply to queries.
Richard Weinberger, CEO of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC) and author of Propel Your Small Business to Success: Accelerated Actions to Maximize Profit offers insight into six questions investors would expect you to answer about your own business.
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How to Start a Small Business

One great thing about the United States is that virtually anybody can go out and start a small business. All it takes is some know how and some hard work.

Todd McBroom Positions Himself as a Man Who Can Inspire Millennials with His New Book

-- Gen Y, also known as the Millennial generation, often confounds and troubles older generations; however, Todd McBroom, author of the upcoming ‘God was Self- Employed’, believes that he can inspire members of Gen Y to greatness.
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Asked: A question is a linguistic expression used to make a request for information, or the request made using such an expression. The information requested may be provided in the form of an answer.