Beacon Hill building energizes Seattle Lees

News: Beacon Hill building energizes Seattle Lees

Four beauties wearing their crowns and native costumes — all sharing the same surname and ancestors dating back 2,000 years in China — joined hundreds of Lees on March 30 to cheer their extended family’s achievements.
Lee is the second most common surname in China, behind only Wang, according to Wikipedia. It is also one of the most common surnames in the world, shared by 93 million people in China and more than 100 million worldwide.
Last year, Seattle’s Lee Family Association (SLFA) bought a building for over $ 550,000, including remodeling, at 3217 Beacon Avenue South. To celebrate the Beacon Hill building’s grand opening, the association invited leaders from Lee Family chapters around the country.
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TheHomeMag® Enters Richmond, Virginia Market with Postal Distribution to 120,000 Fine Homes

-- TheHomeMag, a nationwide magazine exclusively limited to home improvement advertising, is pleased to announce the addition of Richmond, VA to its other 35 markets with postal distribution to 120,000 of its finest homes beginning April 17, 2014. The addition of Richmond brings the total distribution of TheHomeMag to more than 5 million every month. For more information about Richmond operations: Phone: 239.549.6960 or visit: (
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