Colorado ski areas offering season pass deals for 2014-15 ski season

News: Colorado ski areas offering season pass deals for 2014-15 ski season

The springtime pass deals are upon us as resorts across the West lobby skiers to pony up for next season’s turns. The breathless urgency – with low down payments and promises of escalating prices and limited supplies – reveal the
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How to Refinish Snow Skis

How to Refinish Snow Skis. Because it is subject to consistent duress, the finish on wooden snow skis will ultimately deteriorate. You can breath new life into ...

USC’s Triathlon Team Finding New Ways to “Go Lean” by Using Spinlister

-- Spinlister announces an official sponsorship of the USC Triathlon Team for 2014. Members believe “Spinlister will make racing while jet setting so much more feasible."
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Skiers: Skiing is a recreational activity and competitive sport in which the participant attaches skis to boots or shoes on the feet and uses them to travel on top of snow. Aside from recreation and competition, skiing has been used for military purposes and travelling in areas that experience heavy snowfall. Until about 1860 skiing was primarily used for practical transport purposes in snow-rich areas, from around 1860 skiing for recreation, exercise and competition was introduced.[1] Many types of competitive skiing events are recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and the International Ski Federation.